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Shorey Engineering (Pty) Ltd - Company Profile

Shorey Engineering (Pty) Ltd is a corrosion protection company specializing in: full-length heat exchanger tube coating, tube sheet restoration, abrasive grit blasting, high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure water jet lancing, condenser tube leak inspection, as well as generalized industrial painting.

The management team has all the necessary knowledge and expertise to fully address all our clients’ corrosion protection needs. Shorey Engineering Pty Ltd uses proprietary technologies such as that used for the internal coating of small bore tubing which has been implemented on over 1 million tubes to date.

As a company we will go the extra mile to provide practical solutions that are implemented effectively and comprehensively. We are therefore involved early on in each project, beginning with the project planning.

From there we work together with our clients through the timeline planning, specification development, and implementation phases of the project. This synergistic approach integrates all members of each project.


Our company is certified with the CIDB as a Grade 4 SD which is a Government Legislated Organization.

Grade 4 SD provides for a competent contractor specializing in corrosion protection.

Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Enterprise – Our company has been audited by an approved audit authority and has been graded as a level 4.