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Corrosion Protection

corrosion protection

Shorey Engineering specialises in unique and challenging corrosion protection applications including:

  • Full-length internal tube coatings for heat exchanger;
  • External pipe wrapping;
  • Valve and pump restoration;
  • Tanks and Vessels
  • Internal Pipe joints and pipe lining

The effectiveness of such protection systems depends on: the substrate, surface preparation, the proper selection of coating system, the correct application technique, and quality control.

On-site applications add even more complexity and often include mechanical or structural support systems, and therefore require a higher level of expertise.


Heat Exchanger Refurbishment

Heat Exchanger Tube Lining

Refurbishment of heat exchangers is highly specialised and requires a great deal of expertise to be performed correctly. 

The three most significant degradation mechanisms affecting heat exchangers are corrosion, erosion and fouling Erosion removes parent material as suspended solids in the fluid abrade the surfaces, especially at areas of increased velocity such as tube sheets, tube inlets, and tube outlets.

In addition to general corrosion, some of the most devastating corrosion mechanisms that rapidly result in tube failures include pitting corrosion and under-crevice corrosion.

New material advances have brought about the use of inorganic polymers to combat all three of these factors, whilst carefully controlling the thickness and conductivity of the resulting protective films to uphold heat transfer performance.

The coating development and application is therefore critical in these applications and must be engineered to extend the life-span of the heat exchanger, whilst upholding its thermal performance requirements.

Some of our proprietary products have thermal conductivities three times greater than standard epoxy and exhibit exceptional abrasion resistance.

Abrasive Blasting

abrasive blasting

Abrasive blasting is the operation of forcibly propelling abrasive material against a surface under high pressure to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, shape a surface, or remove surface contaminants.

Shorey Engineering carries out Wet abrasive blasting, dry blasting, micro blasting and many more.

We use a large range of blast media to suit the client’s needs and to prevent unwanted damage to plant and equipment.

Specialised dust suppression equipment is utilised in different scenarios along with wet abrasive blast with the use of inhibitors.

Industrial Painting

industrial painting

Shorey Engineering is an industrial painting and commercial painting contractor, comprised of surface preparation specialists and experienced protective coating applicators. We can take on any worst-case scenarios with confidence and produce perfection.

The fact is, we will offer you more ideas and better solutions than many other painting companies. We provide a no obligation, on-site inspection, consulting service with free quotes.

Shorey Engineering are painters specializing in industrial painting or commercial painting, repainting and recoating.

Tube Sheet Lining

tube sheet lining

Tube sheet lining of Condensers and heat exchanges is the degradation of the tube sheet. The degradation from galvanic attack (dissimilarities between metal types), erosion and age.

Due to this corrosion mechanism it can cause server pitting in the tube sheet and create tube leaks. These leaks cause contamination, loss of vacuum and eventually causing a turbine unit to come down for maintenance.

Tube sheet coating prevents two different material reacting with one another removing that electrolyte path. Tube sheet cladding systems where cladding is remove or delaminating, erosion taking place in support bars are installed / welded to tube sheets therefore requiring lining system to protect tube sheet and further reoccurrence.

The tube sheets are abrasive blasted, primed (if required) and lining with an epoxy or relevant coating system. These systems will suit technical requirements for the heat exchanger, temperature, material type, thickness and chemical composition etc.

High Pressure & Ultra-High Pressure Cleaning

high pressure cleaning

Widely accepted as an environmentally sound alternative to abrasive blasting. We have the expertise and equipment available to perform HP and UHP Water Jetting operating at pressures ranging between 68bar (1 000p.s.i) and 2800 bar (40 000p.s.i)

Services include:

  • Removal of coatings and for surface preparation for new coating systems
  • Cleaning of concrete surfaces and structures
  • Removal of scale and or marine growth fouling 
  • Tube bundle cleaning